Silverstripe Social Network 'Friends' Module

Note: This module is currently in Alpha, version 0.1 - I will be working on more features and improvements.


Want to make your site into an online community and allow your members to interact with each other? This module is intended to work with the 'Member Profiles' module to allow your site users to become 'friends' with other existing users, and to invite new members.


  • Search for existing members and invite
  • Invite new members via email
  • Invitees can accept or ignore friend requests
  • View summary member profiles if not a confirmed 'friend', or view a full profile if you are friendsĀ 



  • Click here to download the 'Friends' module zip file
  • Extract to the root folder of your website.
  • Run a '/dev/build/' on your site
  • In the admin area, create a new 'Friends Page'
  • You will probably want to copy the template files to your sites template folder and customise